Coinbase Urged to Relist XRP as CEO Fights for Staking Rights

• Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is standing up for crypto staking and economic freedom.
• The online community has urged Coinbase to relist XRP after delisting it in 2020 due to US Securities Exchange Commission’s legal action against Ripple.
• Coinbase’s Chief Legal Officer Paul Grewal and CEO Brian Armstrong have both declared that the company will continue to oppose government overreach when it comes to protecting services like staking.

Coinbase Standing Up for Crypto Staking

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, is taking a stand for crypto staking and economic freedom. On February 9th, its chief legal officer Paul Grewal stated that Coinbase’s staking program is not affected by rival exchange Kraken shutting down its staking services due to the fundamental difference between them. Grewal argued that Kraken’s platform was offering „yield products“ while Coinbase’s was something else entirely.

Online Community Urges Coinbase To Relist XRP

This statement from Grewal was followed by an even stronger one from CEO Brian Armstrong who declared that the exchange would continue to oppose government interference when it comes to protecting services like staking. He also mentioned how there are no clear regulations surrounding this matter yet which prompted the online community to urge Coinbase to relist XRP on its platform after delisting it in 2020 as a result of US Securities Exchange Commission’s legal action against Ripple.

Protecting Customers From Government Overreach?

The public wondered whether this delisting was done out of a genuine willingness from Coinbase to protect customers from government overreach or if there were any other motives involved as well. This debate sparked many conversations among cryptocurrency enthusiasts with some criticizing Coinbase for not supporting XRP despite their claims of standing up for economic freedom.

SEC Allegations Against Ripple

In response to SEC’s allegations against Ripple regarding selling unregistered security tokens called XRP, Coinbase decided to suspend trading of the digital asset on their platform back in December 2020. This decision drew mixed reactions from within the crypto-community with some supporting it while others questioning its legality and fairness towards those who had already purchased these tokens before the suspension took effect.

Fighting For Economic Freedom

As debates around government overreach in cryptocurrencies continue, CEO Brian Armstrong has remained steadfast in his support of economic freedom and keeping customers safe from such interferences as well as possible legal repercussions they might face due to unclear regulations governing certain activities within this space such as crypto-staking. Even though some people still argue against this stance taken by him, Armstrong continues fighting for what he believes is right and necessary in order protect users’ rights at all costs

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